About #uxstuff

My name is Aliana Sanchez, I've been a Product Designer for 6 years; basically, I've learned everything by stumbling in practice. I had a professor in college who showed me this wonderful world of UX design and I knew right away that this was my thing. At that time I was studying Graphic Design and I was constantly frustrated, my visual skills were not the best, and blowing my mind in the abstract and conceptual was not exactly my greatest virtue. However, I have always been able to identify my abilities to empathize with people, listen, solve problems, understand the practice of things, and take details into account. That is why when I discovered this profession existed, I did not hesitate to embark on the path to grow in it for a second.

Many people asked me how to start in UX. Sometimes I don't know what to answer because the current circumstances are not the same as when I started, but for sure my first answer is to start by exercising and practicing the skills to analyze and solve problems.

That's why this UXstuff site came up, so that if you're wondering how to start, you know that this tool can serve as a starting point to exercise these skills.

Here you will find challenges of different topics that you can use as problems to solve. It can be useful for you to practice before applying because many companies use similar challenges in the selection process. Last but not least, it will help you start publishing case studies in your portfolio, which will be your main tool to show what you can do.

My intention is simply to help you as other people have helped me, so if you need guidance or have doubts about the challenges or any other topic related to UX design, you can write to me in the chat of the site, in the Discord space, or in any of the social networks that I leave below.

Strive it's worth it! 💪🙌😁